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MAR 2019 - JUN 2021

By reverse engineering their Classic ASP site, Bear Arm's website was rebuilt from the ground up on a .NET framework, bootstrap, and MSSQL Server. Their upgraded website retained the look and feel of their old website with added features to modernize user experience (UX).

An admin portal was created in tandem to manage inventory products and creative design without requiring developer intervention. Bear Arm's admin can reorganize product links, alter images, font, font color, font family, and linked documents.

Their database was rebuilt to integrate over five vendor catelogs from various firearm distributors. Integration included the automation of a sales price calculator for cash or credit exchanges. This involved developing a windows console application that would download vendor catalogs in either CSV or XML format. Additional MSSQL stored procedures were created to BULK INSERT data of CSV or XML content to a database table location.

This database rebuild presented an opportunity to implement column encryption and TDE encryption to fortify the protection of personally identifiable information (PII).

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OCT 2020

Released the next version of our flagship product (GainRM). This release, enhanced database encryption with TDE, improved password minimum requirements and password storage, and replaced CDONT for emails with SQL Database Mail. Additional features were introduced to include two-factor authentication and a lockout mechanism when failed login reached a specified number of attempts. This version also comes with improved reporting layouts for Avery templates as well as a better UX experience when interacting with report parameters using modals.

up arrow GainRM v4.1.9 Product Release

AUG 2019

This is the next version of our flagship product (GainRM). This release eliminated the outdated dependency on Crystal Reports and instead utilizes SQL Server Reporting Services. In addition, enhancements to security include better session handling, elimination of UDL file usage, and leveraging Windows AD for Db connection and credential encryption. A large portion of the work included migrations of functions from DLLs to a backend database server stored procedure in preparation for a foreseeable SaaS solution as well as Windows AD security. Additional updates include a new theme, icons, and bug fixes reported from the previous version.

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AUG 2018 - SEPT 2018

This internal web application generates a new support id for clients requesting product support. The application logs the detailed tasks executed by associates and stores them in a database. Each support ticket is assigned a priority to manage focus within the company. The application also logs the number of environments our product was installed on and notes the registration key along with the client's environment specs. In addition, the application also is a central location for our knowledge base for resources, instructions, tutorials, and guidance.

up arrow Rebuilt Triadd Software Corporation Website

AUG 2018 - SEPT 2018

Updated Triadd Software Corporation's website which was originally built using Drupal. The updated site is a brand new build using ASP.NET MVC and hosted on-premises instead of online to cut costs.

up arrow Oracle to MSSQL DB Migration

JUL 2018 - AUG 2018

This project involved migrating the client database on Oracle 11g to SQL Server 2014 by creating a VM environment with the necessary applications for conversion. Imported client database using Oracle SQL Plus wizard and mapping tables with DBBest software to ensure a smooth migration. Tested the newly migrated database with our flagship product after upgrading it to our latest release.

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APR 2018 - MAY 2018

Created an all-in-one point-of-sales application that's tied to a database using SQL Server Management Studio. The POS application features included employee timesheets, leave requests, view pay, and accumulated hours worked. The POS also keeps track of inventory and freight. The software allows the user to ring up customers and automatically deduct sales quantity from inventory levels.

up arrow Bear Arms Website Upgrade

NOV 2018

This project involved upgrading the BearArms website to utilize ASP.NET MVC Core. An algorithm leveraging their database was developed to display company products on the inventory page. I had to create and implement the following features: search bar, filters, add to cart button, checkout button, and javascript to access local storage and create inner HTML text.

up arrow Excell Drywall FreePBX Install

FEB 2018 - MAR 2018

Installation and configure FreePBX on a newly purchased server. Terminated Rj11 phone lines and installed Rj45 plugs with eight-port Unifi Switch. Integration of FreePBX with 2 Yealink T46S phones.

up arrow Northwest Lining Hardware Upgrade

DEC 2017 - JAN 2018

Upgrade eight desktops to recently purchased Dell Inspiron, migrate user profiles and install software components, replace gateway, and six network switches to Unifi hardware. Install SSD drives on six laptops and Microsoft Office 365.

up arrow Creation of Audit System

AUG 2017 - Aug 2017

Created a weekly audit plan to capture information regarding inventory shrinkage. The audit involved a weekly rotating inventory captain and auditor. Warehouse aisles of interest are cordoned off for the auditor to count inventory and report findings to the captain. The captain will then investigate significant gaps in inventory quantity. As a precaution against insider threats, the same captain and auditor will not be allowed to audit the same aisle in the next audit cycle.